Animoca Brands Records Huge Success with Season 2 of Publisher NFTs Sale

When TinyTap introduced the concept of Publisher NFTs, it aimed to use it to support content creators in the line of education and publishing.

Animoca Brands announced that Season 2 of its Publisher NFTs surpassed all expectations, having already sold out. It shared this in a recent announcement, revealing that the sale of all 720 Publisher NFTs brought in 538,560 EDU tokens in total. That is approximately $315,517, at the time of sale.

The sale follows a November 2022 announcement when Animoca revealed that it had sold out of the first batch of six TinyTap Publisher NFTs. In total, the batch generated 138.926 ETH (approximately $228,000 at the time of sale) in revenue. This means that the six teachers who authored the content linked to the Publisher NFTs saw 67.7 ETH. That is approximately $111,000  at the time of sale.

Animoca to Pay Educators with Revenue from Publisher NFTs Sale

Recall that the Publisher NFTs were created by Animoca’s subsidiary and edtech platform TinyTap, and the sale was facilitated by the community-led Web3 education protocol Open Campus. So, the amount generated will serve as upfront and even continuous revenue for the 168 educators on the TinyTap platform.

When TinyTap introduced the concept of Publisher NFTs, it aimed to use it to support content creators in the line of education and publishing. More so, in a way that would give these creators better rights to their educational content on TinyTap.

It might be worth mentioning that content on the TinyTap platform has always generated revenue. That is even before they were linked to NFTs. However, with Publisher NFTs, that same content now grants creators new autonomy and improved earnings.

Initially, educational creators will get 50% from the proceedings of their NFTs. They also get a 10% ongoing share of the revenue share that the NFTs generate. And, lastly, creators now have access to royalty consisting of 5% of the secondary sale of their NFTs.

Impact of Digital Assets on Education

For what it’s worth, digital assets appear to be shaping the education sector in an unprecedented way. For example, the Publisher NFTs now allow creators to fully focus on creating more content. That is because anyone who buys the NFT automatically becomes a co-publisher of the content linked to the NFT, and can receive a share of up to 80% of the revenue share the content generates. So, the onus is on the NFT holder to promote and market the content, says TinyTap.

According to the CEO of TinyTap Yogev Shelly, the just concluded sale brings more to education than just the earning opportunity for creators. Shelly said in part:

“It’s about building a future in which communities play a pivotal role in shaping curricula and empowering teachers and content creators to pave a path toward true educational autonomy.”

TinyTap was founded in 2012 and has grown to become the world’s largest educational games library. Notable publishers that it has worked with include Oxford University Press, Sesame Street, Pinkfong, and many more.

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