Dogecoin Developer Delivers Urgent Warning To DOGE Community

With crypto scams growing daily in the space, it is becoming increasingly important to implement proper security measures. As a result, Dogecoin developer, Mishaboar has sent out precautionary security messages to DOGE community members.  Urgent Warning To DOGE Users Dogecoin Chief Developer, Mishaboar has recently taken to X (formerly Twitter), to deliver an urgent warning … Read more

MuSig2 Is Ready Pending Two New BIPs: Introducing A New Era Of Multisig Privacy

Traditionally, creating an n-of-n multisig using CHECKMULTISIG means you’ll publish a proportional number of signatures and public keys on the blockchain to signers in the transaction. This approach not only reveals the total number of participants in the transaction, but also incurs progressively higher transaction fees as the number of signers grow. MuSig, on the … Read more

Changpeng Zhao steps down as Binance.US chair

Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, the former CEO of major cryptocurrency exchange Binance, will also step down from his position as chair of the board of directors for United States-based exchange Binance.US. In a Nov. 28 X — formerly Twitter — post, Binance.US reminded users the exchange was not a party to the $4.3 billion settlement between … Read more