Dogecoin Developer Delivers Urgent Warning To DOGE Community

With crypto scams growing daily in the space, it is becoming increasingly important to implement proper security measures. As a result, Dogecoin developer, Mishaboar has sent out precautionary security messages to DOGE community members. 

Urgent Warning To DOGE Users

Dogecoin Chief Developer, Mishaboar has recently taken to X (formerly Twitter), to deliver an urgent warning to new members of the DOGE community. Mishaboar emphasized that new users should diligently adhere to privacy and security protocols when using social media to avoid falling prey to scam attacks. 

“Dear Dogecoin, this is a warning for newbies (hopefully). NEVER share private information or send money (!!!) to “influencers” promising you access to special channels on Telegram,” Mishaboar stated.

He added:

“These kinds of scams are more and more common, and come from X handles that might even happen to have very big and popular crypto accounts following them. Having well-known followers (who, by the way, might be scammers themselves) is no proof or guarantee of legitimacy. In fact, keep this in mind: Telegram = Hell.” 

Following his warning, multiple community members have attested to the increasing number of scam attempts targeting crypto users on social media platforms like X, Telegram, and Discord.

Mishaboar has also cautioned against sharing private information with suspicious individuals on Discord, emphasizing the importance of staying vigilant and implementing security practices to safeguard their identities and digital assets. 

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Dogecoin Developer Targeted By Impersonators

Before his recent warning, Mishaboar has consistently been a prime target for impersonators on X. According to the Dogecoin developer, these impostors have created social media accounts that mimic his feeds and give out wrong information to DOGE community members.

Mishaboar has alerted the crypto community through X, urging users to report and steer clear of accounts impersonating his social media identity. Additionally, he has also called out the support team on X to restrict these impostor accounts and enhance security measures to prevent future scam attempts.

“These impersonators keep popping up, and it is getting more difficult to shut them down. I think this is because they are now using old accounts, which they hack or buy and then rename and use to copy my feed. Shouldn’t it be easy for Support to verify that an account is copying the feed of another one (and usually also trying to DM dozens of users at the same time)?” Mishaboar stated.

He lamented the magnitude of the problem and how rapidly it has grown, saying “This is becoming a big problem, and sooner or later some newbie will fall for this. To make things worse, they are also directly targeting the Dogecoin community, full of people new to crypto (and scammers).”

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