Hashdex Unveils Crypto Investment Forecast for 2024

This integration with established financial institutions is expected to provide substantial support for the crypto sector.

Hashdex, a leading global crypto-focused investing company, has unveiled its much-anticipated “2024 Crypto Investment Outlook – Opportunity meets Optimism”. The forecast delves into the expectations for the upcoming year and beyond, providing insights from Hashdex’s leadership and digital asset experts. Marcelo Sampaio, Co-Founder and CEO of Hashdex expresses optimism about the prospects of the crypto industry, emphasizing the sector’s resurgence after a period of skepticism.

Key Themes Shaping Crypto Investments in 2024

Hashdex’s research identifies three pivotal themes shaping the investment landscape for digital assets in the coming year. The first theme, “Entering the ocean of TradFi”, emphasizes the rapid adoption of crypto by large investors and organizations, marking the onset of an “institutional phase”.

This integration with established financial institutions is expected to provide substantial support for the crypto sector, aligning with market conditions conducive to broader adoption.

The second highlighted theme is “Harnessing technological advancements”. The report emphasizes the continual evolution of underlying technologies powering key crypto assets, enabling networks to scale and reach billions of new users. This technological progress is anticipated to drive further growth and innovation within the crypto industry.

The third theme, “Benefiting from macro tailwinds”, positions 2024 as a generational investment opportunity. Hashdex sees favorable prospects for a spot Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) in the US reaching an all-time high.

The expansion of crypto in portfolios is expected as regulated investment vehicles become more prevalent. Notably, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has already provided an early update on Bitcoin ETF applications from Franklin Templeton and Hashdex, with potential simultaneous approval anticipated, possibly on January 10, according to Bloomberg ETF Analyst James Seyffart.

Samir Kerbage, Chief Investment Officer at Hashdex, emphasizes the enduring belief in crypto’s potential to positively impact the world.  “Crypto is increasingly being recognized by not only global investors but governments and regulators, and we expect that as we get alignment and clarity from key parties, we will soon see a significant expansion for both the asset class and its core technology. With this new stage of evolution being ushered in, we hope that our 2024 outlook can provide investors of all sizes with insights that will enable them to take advantage of and continue to participate in this incredibly exciting space,” says Kerbage.

Hashdex’s Previous Initiatives

In 2022, Hashdex partnered with Vinter to launch the Hashdex Crypto Momentum Factor Exchange-Traded Product (ETP), a first-of-its-kind investment vehicle. Designed to enable institutional investors to capitalize on trending crypto assets with upward price momentum, the ETP has been listed on major European exchanges.

As the industry continues to mature and gain broader acceptance, investors can look forward to a transformative year ahead, marked by institutional adoption, technological advancements, and regulatory milestones. Hashdex’s 2024 forecast seeks to provide investors of all sizes with the knowledge they need to navigate and actively participate in the crypto space.


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