5 Things to Watch Out for Before, During, and After Bitcoin’s Upcoming Halving

The Bitcoin halving is arguably the most important event in the cryptocurrency industry, taking place every roughly four years (210,000 blocks). It aims to reduce the speed at which new BTC is being produced, which essentially reduces the pre-programmed inflation rates and ensures that Bitcoin mining will continue for many more years, even though more … Read more

Bitcoin’s Path to $125,000 by 2024

With the highly-anticipated Bitcoin halving just four months away, the world’s largest crypto asset is witnessing a strong rally driven by expectations of growing institutional demand. On December 1st, Bitcoin briefly surged past $38.8k, a threshold not observed since May 2022. Although it quickly dipped below $38.3k, Matrixport’s report presents a compelling case for Bitcoin’s ascent … Read more

dYdX To Unlock $478M Worth Of Tokens, Will Bears Have A Field Day?

On December 1, dYdX, the layer-2 decentralized exchange, will unlock 150 million DYDX worth roughly $478 million to early investors and core team members. This substantial unlock has raised concerns among investors, who fear the influx of fresh tokens could substantially increase supply. If this is not matched by high demand, DYDX prices will likely pull back, … Read more