Bitcoin Faces $33M Exodus As Altcoins Shine

The crypto investment landscape has experienced a notable shift recently, as digital asset investment products saw their first net outflows in 11 weeks. This development was predominantly led by Bitcoin, which had previously enjoyed a consistent inflow into various crypto funds. In a recent report by CoinShares, a leading digital asset management firm, last week … Read more

Solana-Based Aurory Suffers Devastating Exploit: 80% Of Liquidity Gone

Aurory (AURY), a blockchain-based tactical Japanese role-playing game built on Solana (SOL), recently experienced a significant liquidity loss in its Camelot’s AURY-USDC pool.  The incident occurred due to a hack on the SyncSpace bridge, which resulted in the unauthorized withdrawal and subsequent market sale of approximately 600,000 AURY tokens on the Arbitrum (ARB) network.  Aurory … Read more

Will BONK Flip Shiba Inu (SHIB)? Arthur Hayes Chips In

TL;DR Arthur Hayes’ Highlight on BONK: BitMEX co-founder Arthur Hayes praised Bonk Inu (BONK) on Twitter, suggesting it could surpass Shiba Inu. BONK’s market cap stands at about $1.2 billion, compared to SHIB’s nearly $6 billion. BONK’s Growth Factors: ChatGPT indicates BONK could potentially overtake SHIB by building a strong community and maintaining hype. Its … Read more

Bitcoin Ends 11-Week Winning Streak With $33M Outflows While Altcoins Buck Trend: CoinShares

Digital assets investment products ended their 11-week streak of positive cash flows with withdrawals amounting to $16 million. However, trading activity remained significantly higher than the yearly average, reaching $3.6 billion for the week, in contrast to the year-to-date average of $1.6 billion. Bitcoin was the worst hit, witnessing outflows of $33 million last week, … Read more

Here’s How This Trader Turned $226K to $1.69M in 5 Days With Dogwifcoin (WIF)

A crypto trader has raked in more than $1.4 million in profit within five days by purchasing millions of Dogwifhat (WIF) tokens, a dog-themed meme coin on the Solana network. According to a tweet by blockchain analysis platform Lookonchain, the trader began their WIF journey by purchasing $226,000 worth of the tokens after they were … Read more

Solana Saga Phone Sales Surge on eBay Amid BONK Hype and Anticipated Airdrops

The market for Solana Saga smartphones is witnessing an unprecedented surge, with recent sales on eBay reaching as high as $5,000, far exceeding the initial retail price. This spike in demand and value is primarily driven by the increased hype around BONK, a Solana-based meme coin, and expectations of lucrative future airdrops. High Demand for … Read more

Ripple (XRP) Price Developments, Bitcoin (BTC) Tumbles Toward $41K, Bonk Inu (BONK) Price Rollercoaster: Recap Dec 18

TL;DR Bitcoin’s Volatility: Bitcoin experienced fluctuating prices, moving between $38,000 and $44,000, with predictions of future growth to $100,000 influenced by factors like BTC halving and political events. Ripple’s XRP Prospects: Experts predict that Ripple’s XRP, currently around $0.60-$0.61, could surge significantly, potentially reaching up to $24 by the end of 2024 due to a … Read more

The Most Outrageous Solana (SOL) Price Predictions

TL;DR Significant Price Rise of SOL: Solana’s cryptocurrency, SOL, has seen a remarkable increase, soaring from about $10 at the beginning of 2023 to around $78, a 650% surge. Analysts believe there’s still room for further growth. Predictions of Continued Uptrend: Notable crypto analysts on Twitter, like Ali and Deftsuo, predict SOL could rally towards … Read more

Solana’s BONK Token Rockets To New Heights, Surging 121% On Binance Listing News

In an unexpected turn of events, the Solana-based memecoin Bonk (BONK) has experienced an extraordinary 1,000% monthly surge following its recent listings on major cryptocurrency exchanges.  The momentum began with Coinbase’s listing, followed closely by Binance’s surprise announcement, propelling BONK to new heights and generating enthusiasm within the crypto community. Astounding 1,000% Surge On Binance … Read more