Versatus Labs Raises $2.3M to Bring World’s First Stateless Rollup

Stateless roll-up Versatus LASR represents a pure execution environment that relocates compute processes off-chain without the inherent responsibilities or expenses tied to maintaining state and storing data.

On Wednesday, December 6, peer-to-peer Web Services protocol Versaturs Labs announced its successful fundraising of $2.3 million with key investors being Republic Crypto and NGC Ventures. The fundraise happens at the company’s valuation of $50 million. Also, it will help the Versatus Labs launch Versatus LASR, the world’s first Stateless Rollup. 

Versatus has successfully secured a cumulative funding of $3.7 million, receiving support from notable backers such as Jump Crypto, BigBrain Holdings, NGC Ventures, Republic Crypto, Taureon Group, and Hyperithm. The platform has established strategic partnerships with EigenLayer, a data availability service, Stader Labs, a liquid staking platform, and Anagram, a Web3 venture.

Versatus, established by Andrew Smith, a veteran of Distributed Systems, is breaking new ground in decentralized verifiable compute innovation. The platform facilitates a smooth transition for developers from Web2 to Web3, providing unmatched speed and cost-efficiency without compromising security and ensuring broad decentralization.

Developers can leverage Versatus to utilize familiar tools and frameworks for various processes such as prototyping, optimizing, DevOps, testing, and deployment,  thus ensuring a seamless shift from Web2 to Web3.

Positioned to engage 20 million developers globally, Versatus is poised to trigger a significant surge in the Web3 ecosystem.

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